I love my Wilborn Guitar! Ben is a truly artful maker, with a brilliant eye, a gifted hand, and an exquisite ear. You could not ask for more in a handmade guitar.

Nashville, Tennessee


Welcome to Wilborn Guitars. If you are looking for a truly unique custom made acoustic guitar, crafted with absolute commitment to quality and a passion for tone, then you have come to the right place. Please browse the gallery for a sampling of recent instruments I’ve built.

I have spent my whole life listening closely to guitars, mandolins and violins, always searching for that special quality that makes an instrument demand to be played. I have studied a zillion instruments, held them in my hands, listening to the way they respond to my fingertips, their weight and balance, the way they reflect sounds in a room.

It is my passion as a builder to create instruments that can respond intimately to a player’s intention, and become as much an extension of the body as a beautiful tool for the creation of music.


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A couple of things here: The second part of my article in Guitarbench Magazine has come out in the current issue (issue 8). Access to Guitarbench requires an $8 subscription, but it has wonderful content- great photos and interesting articles. It’s well worth it. www.Guitarbench.com Also, if you are interested in seeing a blow-by-blow documentation […]

Wilborn Guitars in the news

The Reno News and Review published a really nice article about my guitars in the November 7th, 2013 edition. Don’t worry about the scissors.