Wilborn Guitars Ibex model arm bevel
Arum soundhole detail
Wilborn Guitars Sidewinder model
Wilborn Guitars Comma bracing

I have spent my whole life listening closely to wood and strings, always searching for that special quality that makes an instrument demand to be played. I have studied these amazing creations, listening to the way they respond to my fingertips, their weight and balance, the way they reflect sounds in a room.

I am a lifelong musician. I graduated from The Berklee College of Music, where I studied ear-training, composition and performance. I bring to the shop not only decades of study of musical tone, texture and knowledge of the requirements a player demands from his or her instrument, but also a complete dedication to the art of building. I love all musical instruments, but nothing moves me like the guitar, with its full, complex sound, and its capacity to function like a whole orchestra. It is a truly complete instrument.

My guitars are lightly built, because I treasure responsiveness and tone above all else, but I also work on the leading edge of modern building technique so that my work will last a lifetime. It is my passion as a builder to create instruments that can respond intimately to a player’s intention, and become as much an extension of the body as a beautiful tool for the creation of music.